About Us

Our Craft

Flowers have been used over centuries to inspire, love and express every emotion in the most significance.

We carry this great heritage and honour in providing excellent flowers for all occasions. We take the upmost care in providing the most prestige flowers to provoke and inspire the greatest human emotions. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence from our flawless handpicked flowers down to our elegant packaging, hand wrapped and finished beautifully in a gloss/matte finish, hot stamped with our exclusive brand to recognise the mark of brilliance giving our flowers the Imperial Touch.

What we deliver

Flowers can completely change the atmosphere of a moment and make it make it much more special. Let us enhance those moments and put our relentless passion and experience into your special product. We aim to deliver the best quality through emphasis on presentation, preparation and execution. Our products are hand crafted to provide every customer a truly unique and personal experience. We have the highest quality controls ensuring only the upmost standards for our Imperial Touch customers.

Fresh Flowers

We provide elegant fresh flowers for our customers to enjoy. Nothing can compare to the aroma, the feel, the phenomenal sensation flowers can create. Whether making a beautiful gift box or making a beautiful table arrangement we want to make everyone that comes into contact with our flowers to feel special and to be overcome by the sheer beauty of our products.

Printed flowers

We have brought the beautiful elegance and finesse of the rose and combined it with an age old tradition of expression, resulting in an entirely new concept with the ability to emboss fresh roses and petals with text and images. Each and every one of our roses are handpicked to ensure the most flawless quality and are hand embossed using traditional techniques to ensure the delicacy of the flower is in no way compromised, resulting in a breath-taking masterpiece.

For all custom orders please email your image as well as the colour of the rose you wish to purchase and your image to be embossed and the quantity you require.

Long Lasting Roses

Each and every one of our roses go through special intricate processes which allows the roses to absorb moisture from the air that keeps them fresh and soft to touch looking exactly as they were first cut. Our roses can last from six months to three years with the appropriate care, there is no need to water the roses leaving you to admire its beauty and charm for the longest duration.


Flowers are internationally recognised as the symbol of positivity and hope. With our unique embossing methods and experience in the floral industry we can combine your logo or promotions with our flowers leading to an amazing response. There are endless opportunities to promote your business being able to thank customers purchasing your product or service to giving employees a unique gift for their hard work.

We also provide luxury flower deliveries in signature boxes/vases weekly for all corporate, hospitality, retail, residential or any other venue, location and business type.

For more information and enquires please contact us.

Bulk Orders

We also take bulk orders, for more information please contact us.


We can provide our unique touch to any event, to create a heart throbbing atmosphere. We aim to ensure that you are provided with only the best service leaving you and your guests with an unforgettable event with astounding floral arrangements to build an astonishing atmosphere. We specialise in button holes, bridal bouquets, brides maids bouquets, centre pieces, head table arrangements and lots more contact us for further information.